Deirdre Holcroft, PhD

President, Holcroft Postharvest Consulting

Deirdre Holcroft is a specialist in the postharvest handling of fruits, vegetables and flowers. She started Holcroft Postharvest Consulting, a global consulting business, in 2011 after 20 years’ experience in both industry (AgroFresh/Dow and Dole Fresh Vegetables) and academia (University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, and Michigan State University, USA).

Deirdre is from a farming background in Zimbabwe, studied horticulture in South Africa, holds a doctorate in postharvest physiology from University of California Davis, and currently resides in France.

Holcroft Postharvest Consulting offers technical and educational services in fruits, vegetables, fresh cut produce, and ornamentals. Deirdre’s expertise extends from pre-harvest through the full postharvest handling, with emphasis on reducing food waste and improving quality, shelf-life, and profitability based on cutting-edge scientific data. She is a leading expert on cold chain and ethylene management as well as in the development of new technologies for the produce industry. Her success in applied research, technical and educational consulting, and product development, is marked by the productive interaction with her colleagues and experienced personnel from the field to the board room.

BIO Deirdre Holcroft
Deirdre Holcroft
President, Holcroft Postharvest Consulting
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